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About Us - OMOT

When you’ve got great sites that attract large volumes of visitors, and advertisers who are keen to get their services or products in front of those visitors, you need an easy way for them to manage their adverts. This need is how OMOT was born - the desire to simplify the process for publisher, the advertiser, and visitor.

Whether you are an advertiser keen to get your services marketed to the right audience, or a publisher with a desire to find products your visitors will love, OMOT is the way forward. With an easy sign-up process, you can set up your advert and have it published almost immediately. Manage the look and feel of it, and cancel at anytime.

Using OMOT to supply adverts for your site couldn’t be easier, just contact us to find out more.

OMOT was developed by the team at, who run sites such as Airport Parking Shop, The Airport Guides Network, and World Airport Codes.

What is OMOT?

OMOT is an innovative platform that seamlessly connects the advertiser with the customer. We are partnered with a variety of different websites that all attract large amounts of organic traffic, and with OMOT you can reach these audiences with a targeted tenancy advert. OMOT provides a simple way of showing your advert on a website or page that will reach thousands of potential customers.