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Fubra Advert Terms & Conditions - OMOT

  1. The contract we have with you is for one month and will be automatically renewed the following month, on the same date as the original purchase, unless cancelled by yourself or us.
  2. All our listed prices exclude VAT which is also due on all invoices at the standard rate.
  3. Pre-payment via credit or debit card is required at submission of your advert.
  4. In most cases you will not be able to submit an advert for a page that is currently sold out. If however two adverts are submitted for one slot, preference will be given on a first come first serve basis.
  5. If you wish to amend your advert you can do so by logging into your account with OMOT, our management system, at and submitting the changes there. They will be approved by our admin team before going live. Alternatively, you can email us at
  6. If you wish to cancel your subscription you can do so by logging into your account with or emailing us at before the next payment is due. NB: we do NOT offer refunds, part or in full, for adverts which have already been paid for, sorry.
  7. We may cancel your subscription immediately if:
    1. You do not make payment when it falls due.
    2. Your credit or debit card company withholds payment.
    3. You are in breach of any terms in this agreement.
  8. You will be in breach of this contract if you fail to:
    1. Include accurate information in all adverts which includes but is not limited to details of pricing, vehicles available, trading names and licences.
    2. Monitor your advert information to ensure accuracy (at least once per quarter), updating as required.
    3. Observe copyright regulations in your adverts. This also applies to any images that you upload for use in your advert, if you do not have a licence for the use of this image then you will be in breach of this contract.
    4. Ensure all adverts comply with all applicable UK law.
  9. You agree to pay us liquidated damages of £5,000 in the event that legal proceedings are issued against our company by a third party as a result of your advert information breaching this agreement.
  10. This Contract shall be deemed to have been made in England and shall be governed and construed according to English Law.

What is OMOT?

OMOT is an innovative platform that seamlessly connects the advertiser with the customer. We are partnered with a variety of different websites that all attract large amounts of organic traffic, and with OMOT you can reach these audiences with a targeted tenancy advert. OMOT provides a simple way of showing your advert on a website or page that will reach thousands of potential customers.